March 2021

 ton Non-Inverter split A.C.

The limit of the temperature control system ought to be considered relying upon the floor size of the space for which the AC is required. The Tonnage of the A.C is an important criterion to look out for.

The perfect energy-saving split AC

Energy saving is becoming more and more important with time and there’s no reason why your AC can’t help you do just that! At Daikin, we offer a range of split ACs including a 2 ton energy saving split AC and 1.5 ton energy saving split AC.

The Best Air Conditioners

There is a list of various factors that one must keep in mind while selecting an air conditioner. These include efficiency, type, air quality and tonnage. What does ‘tonnage’ mean? Many misunderstand the tonnage of an air conditioner to be its weight. In reality, tonnage refers to an air conditioning system’s cooling capacity.

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