The Best Air Conditioners in Sri Lanka

The Best Air Conditioners

There is a list of various factors that one must keep in mind while selecting an air conditioner. These include efficiency, type, air quality and tonnage.  What does ‘tonnage’ mean? Many misunderstand the tonnage of an air conditioner to be its weight. In reality, tonnage refers to an air conditioning system’s cooling capacity. A ton in the HVAC field is the amount of heat required to melt 1 ton of ice in 24 hours or rather, it is the amount of heat an AC can remove from a room in an hour. Tonnage is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) and the higher the BTU, the greater the air conditioner’s capacity to cool. Larger spaces would require more tonnage, so the size of the room is a determining factor when one is selecting an air conditioner for themselves.

ST SeriesTwo of the air conditioners we recommend to our consumers are the ST model and the STK model. Our ST air conditioners provide unparalleled comfort and outstanding cooling. For our customers with a relatively smaller area of space, we suggest the ST AC, a 1.5 ton non inverter split AC. For those who feel a 2 ton Split AC would be a more suitable option for them, we propose our STK AC, a 2 ton inverter split AC. Other than the tonnage, the other aspect that sets these two products apart is that the STK AC is equipped with Daikin’s inverter technology while the ST is not. Inverter air conditioners are advantageous as they consume less current and eliminate any temperature fluctuations. Since non-inverter ACs have a fixed cooling/heating capacity, they consume more power and face temperature fluctuations. However, a non-inverter AC might be better for those clients who are not planning on using their air conditioner too often.

Our ST air conditioners are goodness-packed with their range of features that ensure optimum comfort and powerful cooling. It is an ideal option for customers who live in humid and hot climates as it will provide excellent cooling even if the temperature outside is 50 degrees. Its Wide-angle Louvres cover large, spacious rooms and the Coanda Airflow improves air circulation by preventing cold air from settling in one spot. The Power Chill Operation will cool the room instantly no matter how hot it is, and the Econo Mode minimises power consumption. This one-of-a-kind machine is the perfect 1.5 ton non-inverter split AC for anyone who lives in warm weather conditions.

For an air conditioner which has to cool a relatively larger space, one may look no further than the STK AC. This model is designed to deliver exceptional cooling and great savings. It is the perfect 2 ton inverter AC. Since this product is equipped with inverter technology, it has the ability to vary its operating capacity, it’s extremely powerful and it saves electricity usage.

stkThe STK AC also has a wide variety of features that make it a tempting choice. The Coanda Airflow steers the air waves in the room in a manner that keeps one particular spot from getting too chilly. The Power Chill Operation quickly maximises the cooling while the Econo Mode further ensures that our customers are saving power when they use this air conditioner. For a good night’s sleep, the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation is extremely helpful by making sure the machine operates silently. Last but not least, the Self Diagnosis feature proves how smart this air conditioner is by auto-detecting an error and displaying it on the remote screen.

Depending on one’s budget and requirements, they can select the right AC for them. No matter which of these two they decide on, they’ve made a good decision!


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