Daikin's manufacturing plant at Neemrana, Rajasthan aims at creating products that will make people's lives more comfortable. It is supported by a network of production bases throughout the world and showcases the application of advance technology and equipment. Our comprehensive quality control system features centrally computerized management of quality and production data to facilitate timely production that bears the stamp of excellent quality. Moreover, due care is taken to create a pleasant working environment for the employees, as we are of the firm belief that a superior working environment is essential to produce superior products. Through our quality control system and corporate activities, we ensure compliance with international quality checks and environmental management standards. We aim to serve the Indian market with locally manufactured products as much as possible. By reducing the supply lead-time and meeting market needs in terms of product specifications, Daikin India plans to strengthen its leadership on the Indian terrain.

The manufacturing facility follows Daikin's Global Philosophy of being an organization committed to the environment and is designed to fully recycle water for its operations. More than 50 percent of the open area is left as green area & 34 percent area is treated as green area with trees & plantations. Daikin Neemrana facility incorporates Daikin's global Environmental Management System (EMS) that has been implemented in the factory promotes adapting procedures for refrigerant handling, resource conservation & waste management.

Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant
Area - 42,300 sq mtrs
Investments - 10,299 mn

Research & Development Facility

Research & Development Facility

Lab facilities

  • Two Psychrometric lab of 3 TR and one Lab of 5 TR
  • One multi-chamber lab of 25 TR capacity
  • One Full Anechoic chamber for running sound test
  • 10 HP* Product Reliability test lab, CFM test lab and one 11 TR Psychrometric lab

Test facilities

  • Cyclic Corrosion test
  • Salt Spray test
  • Thermal Shock test*
  • Vibration test*
  • Environmental test*
  • Drop test#

Other facilities

  • Concept room
  • Mock-up area
  • Device test room (electronic parts test room)
Area - 5,088 sq mtrs
Investments - 1,000 mn

Plant Location

Plant Location
Plant Location

Corporate Address

12th Floor, Building No.9, Tower A, DLF Cyber City,
DLF Phase iii, Gurgaon - 122 002, Haryana, India
Phone: +91 - 124 - 4555 444
Fax: + 91-124-4555 333

Registered Office Address

210, 1st Floor,
Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 3,
Delhi - 110 020

Factory Address

SP2-12 to SP2-15 & SP2-24-SP2-27
RIICO New Industrial Complex (Majrakath), Neemrana - 301 705, Alwar, Rajasthan
Phone: 91-1494-229-100
Fax: +91-1494-229-151


Manufacturing Process

With world-class manufacturing process. Daikin leads the way when it comes to technology and innovations.

  • Manufacturing Process-1
  • Manufacturing Process-2
  • Manufacturing Process-3
  • Manufacturing Process-5
  • Manufacturing Process-6
  • Manufacturing Process-7
  • Manufacturing Process-8
  • Manufacturing Process-9
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  • manufacturing_2_thumb
  • manufacturing_3_thumb
  • manufacturing_5_thumb
  • manufacturing_6_thumb
  • manufacturing_7_thumb
  • manufacturing_8_thumb
  • manufacturing_9_thumb

Quality Assurance

We want to achieve a level of quality that will provide satisfaction to all our customers. We want our factory to be considered a good neighbour by the people of India. We want to provide our employees with a working environment that is safe and congenial. To achieve these goals, we have undertaken a variety of policies and activities.

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*Operational by 2018   #Under installation

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