Partner With Us

  • Cooperation of DAIKIN and Dealers


    • Latest Technology
    • Wide range of Products
    • Clear Strategies
    • Close Communication
    • Proper Education & Training
    • Quick Service support
    • Motivation


    • Communicate with customer
    • Proper Installation
    • Quick Service
    • Feedback to Daikin
    • Follow Company policy

    Functions: “Dealer Support”

    • Communicate: Products/Policies/Strategies
    • Supply: Products/Parts/Selling Aids
    • Set: Targets/Priorities
    • Educate: Staff on Products/Applications & Strategies
    • Visit: Dealers & Customers with Dealers
    • Solve: Problems & Give feedback Quickly
    • Review: Frequently performance Against Agreed Targets
  • After-sales Support

    Service Upgrade through Technical Training

    Design support, on-site installation consulting, and technology training are some of the services Daikin engineers provide in countries around the world.

Customer Support Information: Give A Missed Call: @ 768044407, Call Our Customer Contact Centre: 011 7444044 or Write To Us at: