The perfect energy-saving split AC

The perfect energy-saving split AC

Energy saving is becoming more and more important with time and there's no reason why your AC can't help you do just that! At Daikin, we offer a range of split ACs including a 2 ton energy saving split AC and 1.5 ton energy saving split AC. Before deciding which one works for you, you should know what to look out for. The tonnage of an AC is a key point to keep in mind while buying. It refers to the AC's cooling capacity. The higher the tonnage, the higher the air conditioner's ability to cool in a certain period of time. Larger spaces require an AC with a higher tonnage while relatively smaller spaces can work with an AC with a smaller tonnage.

ftkpIf you want a 1.5 ton energy saving split AC, then our FTKP series is the right choice for you. It has unmatched features that give you coolness, comfort and healthy living. The Coanda Airflow improves circulation of cold air in the room and the 3D Airflow will carry cool air to every corner, even in large spaces.  The Power Chill Operation will quickly drop the room's temperature and provide instant cooling while the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation prevents the AC from being too loud, ensuring a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. This next-gen air conditioner will cool more, save more and let you breathe only fresh air with its PM 2.5 filter that traps fine particles for cleaner airflow.

STIf you're looking for a 2 ton energy saving split AC, then our ST series is a great option. This one-of-a-kind machine brings unparalleled comfort and cooling your way with its goodness-packed features. If you live in a humid or hot region, this AC is capable of providing excellent cooling even if the temperature outside reaches 50 degrees! The Wide-angle Louvres cover large, spacious rooms and the Coanda Airflow improves air circulation by preventing cold air from settling in one spot. The Power Chill Operation cools the room instantly no matter how hot it is, and the Econo Mode minimises power consumption.

Depending on your requirements, you can pick the perfect AC for you. Neither choice will disappoint!


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