How Daikin is saving the environment - one AC at a time!

saving the environment

Global warming is a major threat to this wonderful world and there is no denying that. The temperature of not just Sri Lanka, but also the entire planet is soaring like never before. As inhabitants of this unique world, and as citizens of this beautiful country, it is our responsibility to protect the environment for our future generations to thrive.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we at Daikin are greatly concerned with the air-quality of this world, and the future of air – a key component for survival. As the manufactures of the world’s best air conditioners, we have been working for many years to elevate the production and sales of energy-saving models with technology and innovation.

To begin with, as a long-term strategy, Daikin has phased out all the R-22 refrigerant models and smoothly transitioned to the next-generation refrigerant, the R-32. Not just that, we are also offering worldwide free access to patents for equipment using R-32. So, what is R-32 and how is it saving the environment? For that, let us first understand what a refrigerant is.

As the name indicates, a refrigerant is what is used to cool your air. Well, it is slightly more complex than that, which is why it has an impact on the environment, but the basic fact is that a refrigerant is a cooling gas used to expel cool air. As most of the urban population is investing in cooling systems and air conditioners, the conscious use of refrigerants is vital in protecting the ozone layer and dropping the percentage of global warming.

Daikin uses the R-32 refrigerant in all its models including the 1.5-ton energy saving split AC, which is a popular purchase for homes. Before we get into the features of this green refrigerant, let us quickly take a look at what we mean by ‘energy saving’ models.

Daikin’s split ACs are extremely energy efficient. Features such as the ECONO mode helps set a limit to maximum power consumption, thus ensuring efficient operations. The Intelligent Eye sensor which automatically switches to sleep mode if no movement is detected for 20mins and the patent streamer discharge technology that removes any dust, viruses, and bacteria in the air, are all features that lead to not just energy saving, but also cost saving. A 2-ton energy saving split AC price is indeed slightly expensive, but its energy saving features is sure to cut costs in the long run.

Now, let us get back to the importance of the R-32 refrigerant used in all the energy saving air conditioners. This refrigerant was chosen after extensive research by our technology experts. The intensive testing showed that the R-32 refrigerant produces 75% lesser carbon dioxide emissions and a better life cycle climate performance. It has zero ozone depletion potential and only 1/3rd global warming potential. It is also a single-component refrigerant, which makes it easier to recycle. As for consumption purposes, the R-32 offers -

  • 15.3% more cooling as compared to the R410A
  • Better performance at higher temperatures as compared to R-22 and,
  • 30% less refrigerant charging volume as compared to the R410A and the R-22.

The best inverter ACs, including Daikin’s high-wall split AC models such as the 1.5-ton energy saving split AC are all highly power-efficient. This is because an inverter AC adjusts the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant flow rate, thereby consuming less current and power. This makes the R-32 furthermore energy-efficient.

With so much in favor of the R-32 refrigerant, we at Daikin are glad to have made this conscious decision to change. We are working towards more energy-efficient technologies and programs that can help save our planet and hope it keeps its cool! If you are looking for energy saving split AC models, check out our STK, ST and GTKJ range. Each series offers a varied range of energy saving features and come in different cooling capacities customized for your home. Of course, all these models are built with the environment-friendly R-32 refrigerant, saving the environment one AC at a time!


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