The best inverter ACs in the market for you!

The best inverter AC

When we are out in the market, shopping for any product, we always want the best of the lot, don’t we? For this purpose, we go through many efforts of researching on the internet, looking at reviews and recommendations and of course, comparing prices and quality. This process is even more tedious and tiring when it comes to shopping for home products that are meant to last a lifetime. We want to make sure the brand and range of product we choose comes with the best of technology at a reasonable cost.

One such home product that tops the list of our purchases especially during the summers is the air conditioner. The air conditioner with the best cooling capacity that is energy-efficient and falls within our set budget are the most common requirements. Daikin inverter ACs provide all three of these requirements. To understand how and why, first let us understand what we mean by inverter ACs and why it should be our first choice of air conditioner.

An inverter, as we all know, is a device used in many electronic home appliances to control electrical voltage, current and frequency. All inverter ACs including the 1.5-ton inverter AC and the 2-ton inverter AC vary their cooling/heating capacity by adjusting the power supply frequency of their compressors. What this means is that an inverter AC regulates the speed of the compressor to control the flow rate of the refrigerant (cooling gas), thereby consuming less power and avoiding temperature fluctuations that can lead to an increase in our utility bills.

Daikin’s Sri Lanka wide range of split inverter ACs includes the STK range and the GTKJ range. Both ranges come with a set of unique features that make them the best inverter ACs in the market for you! Here are some of their salient features:


Indoor Unit Quiet OperationIndoor Unit Quiet Operation - The inverter ACs come with Daikin’s Indoor Unit Quiet Operation that optimizes the airflow speed to low noise levels at all times. This helps ensure you have a peaceful and smooth functioning cooling system running through day and night.


Power Chill OperationPower Chill Operation - Can't wait for the AC to cool your room as soon as possible? Just turn on the Power Chill Operation. This mode ensures the room cools down 20% faster than its normal speed. It’s the perfect feature for immediate relief and lasting comfort.


Coanda-AirflowCoanda Airflow - Present in the STK range of inverter ACs, Coanda Airflow is the technology that ensures that cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. The air stream is designed for the air to flow upwards along the ceiling, cooling every part of the room without any furniture hurdles.


Room temperature display Room Temperature Display Unit - Unique to our GTKJ range of inverter ACs among others, the Room Temperature Display Unit is a small but extremely cool tech feature. We vary the temperature setting of our air conditioners based on the ambient climatic conditions. This setting in the AC displays the current room temperature for your convenience.


ECONO-ModeECONO mode - Again a feature of our STK range of inverter ACs, Daikin’s ECONO mode enables efficient energy operations of your air conditioner by setting the limit for maximum power consumption. It ensures your utility bill is free of any surprises, or rather, costing shocks!


Self-diagnosisSelf-Diagnosis - Before calling the AC doctors for any repair or maintenance issues, our inverter ACs will themselves tell you if there is anything wrong with them! The machine auto detects any errors and shows its equivalent code on your remote control. With this self-diagnosis, you can easily communicate the error to Daikin’s trained professionals who will solve the issue as quickly as possible. The Daikin Annual Service Care package also comes with regular maintenance checks to avoid any major breakdowns.


Intelligent EyeIntelligent Eye - The Intelligent Eye is an infrared sensor with the ability to detect any movement in the room. If you leave the room vacant for more than 20 minutes, the AC will automatically switch to its energy-saving mode.


Patented streamer discharge technologyPatent Streamer Discharge Technology - Daikin’s air purifier patented with a streamer discharge technology eliminates any viruses, bacteria, dust, and hazardous chemical substances in the air and ensures a healthy cooling atmosphere for you!


These top-of-the-range features are available for all inverter ACs including a 1.5-ton inverter AC and a 2-ton inverter AC. Based on your preferred budget range, you can comfortably choose the best inverter ACs in the market!


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