Enhance the functional as well as aesthetical appeal of your home with Daikin’s new cassette air conditioners. Designed keeping in mind today’s next-gen buyers, they feature some best-in-class features such as multi air swing which provides multiple patterns to ensure optimum cooling comfort. They also boast of unique "round" side contour and new LED light location to spruce up your décor dramatically.

These smartly designed air conditioners are a perfect addition for your home and feature the capability to turn it into a haven. For quicker and portable cooling, they are the best choice. With them, embrace quiet and powerful cooling without feeling the pinch of complex air conditioner installation. Its major features are filter sign, anti-bacterial filter, durable filter, self-diagnosis functionality and many others.

Ducted air conditioning system

Delve into the most detailed range of ducted air conditioning systems by Daikin. Be it a home, open-plan office, shop, school, restaurant or any other big space, these ACs ensure balanced air distribution in the area. It is undoubtedly the most sought-after choice for heating or cooling large spaces without a challenge.



Initially rolled out in1982, the Daikin VRV system has become a popular choice today in various parts of the world. In line to our commitment of developing best-in-class products, we have introduced VRV X system that is poised to strengthen our market leadership. The system now delivers an imrpoved line-up to meet an ever-evolving range of needs, while better energy savings, comfort and ease of installation. The VRV X is the most advanced Air conditioning system in the world and is found to be perfect for large and small spaces.

Roof Top AC

Daikin's latest variety of rooftop packaged unit has been developed precisely to meet varied commercial applications and features easy installation. Designed for high ambient application, the unit can continually operate at an outdoor ambient temperature of up to 52℃. These air conditioners are made to meet high static and large airflow for wider coverage necessities.



Daikin McQuay fan coil units boast of the flexibility of adjusting to a wide range of space requirements, installation configurations and usage applications. These intelligent air conditioning units carry the versatility to match different interior designs while ensuring more space savings. Our FCUs guarantee zonal energy saving, improved air distribution and diverse comfort conditions.