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On your way to buy a new air conditioner? You must consider several factors before selecting the perfect Daikin AC for your place. These include the star rating, energy consumption, extra features, etc. However, one metric that leads this list is the size of the AC. By size, we do not mean the physical size of the system. Size here means the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit.

Decide the Right Size of AC

When buying a new AC, you need to investigate several factors like the brand, features, air conditioner price in Sri Lanka, etc. While all these aspects are important, the size of the air conditioning system leads this list.

Air conditioners are the lifeline of any household. This is especially true in the summertime when everyone wants to have a cool room to chill in and relax.

Daikin ACs

Give your home a fresh new feel from the inside out with Daikin Sri Lanka AC - the latest invention in air conditioners. Chill even in the harshest summer, with fresh air and cool breezes.

Daikin AC

When you go for air conditioners shopping, there is so much to choose from. And you can be overwhelmed easily in such a scenario.

Non-Inverter Split Air Conditioner

We all know that AC plays a major role in all aspects of an individual's life. Isn't it? But still, many people don't know which one is good for them. Because we live in India – the tropical country where the temperatures can soar up to 43 degrees Celsius in peak summers.

Inverter AC

Finding the ideal AC for your home can become a task if your basics about air conditioning systems are not clear. Even though Daikin always has its experts to help you out, still, it is better to gain some knowledge before you start exploring your options.

AC’s and British Thermal Units

The summer season is officially here. We ought to ponder the ways of chilling effectively in the hot days ahead and that brings the question – which AC should I buy?

Air Conditioner

With the summer approaching, we should think about ways to cool down efficiently in the hot days ahead and which air conditioner to choose.

saving the environment

Global warming is a major threat to this wonderful world and there is no denying that. The temperature of not just Sri Lanka, but also the entire planet is soaring like never before. As inhabitants of this unique world, and as citizens of this beautiful country, it is our responsibility to protect the environment for our future generations to thrive.


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