My guide to purchase best air conditioners in India

best air conditioners

The extremely warm and humid climate in country (in most of its parts) has led to the market overflowing with options by Air conditioner manufacturers in India. There is a plethora in option with various types of Air-conditions available based on size, budget, and personal requirement. Air-conditioner is the most popular and desirable electrical appliance in Indian homes during summers, and with the kind of variety available you can be confused while buying it. In this blog, we will help you determine which AC will suit your requirement. They come in different variants that are: split, window and inverter ACs. To make your consumer experience fruitful, go through this concise guide on learning its types, functions and understand what suits you the most.

Let us begin with knowing the difference between all three variants of air conditioner:

Split AC: This ultra-modern variant of AC is the most popular due to its style, design and hi tech functionalities. Split ac has two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They work together to assess and bring down the temperature of your space. It efficiently cools your space in less time, by consuming less energy and produces less or negligible noise. There are many functionalities, colour and design available.

Window AC: Here comes the traditional AC which comes in a little less variation than split ACs but they ask for a lesser upfront cost. It is safe to say that this is the most common air conditioner in Indian households. The machine needs to be mounted on a wall or window. The evaporator is placed in the room turned to the opposite wall for heat rejection. Window ACs are less power efficient hence, they might be low on upfront cost but will incur more electricity bills than split ACs.

Inverter AC: Inverter Acs can be called as one of the best air conditioners in India due to its most advance, efficient, and low energy consuming features. They are highly cost effective while also power smart meaning they chill your space in no time and detects room temperature. In an Inverter Ac’s you don’t need to switch on and off the machine again and again, which limits the burden on the compressor, unlike other machine that exhausts the compressor leading to a sooner wear and tear.

The big question: Which variant of AC should I buy?

Well, by now you must be prepared with some answers. Basically, it depends upon your personal needs, spending ability, space and preparedness and also your choice of Air conditioner manufacturers in India.

The lowest for an upfront cost is a windows AC. You can go with it if you are low on budget. You can purchase a Split AC where the heat rejection unit can be placed over roof or in the veranda to avoid the hot air from entering in your rooms. The conventional appliances like the split and window ac switch on and off several times which automatically consumes more power and incurs high electricity bills.

This blog advices you to go with Split Inverter AC by Daikin which is not only the most advance machine but also will save you from unnecessary expense in the long run.



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