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Finding the ideal AC for your home can become a task if your basics about air conditioning systems are not clear. Even though Daikin always has its experts to help you out, still, it is better to gain some knowledge before you start exploring your options. One of the points where people usually get confused is the BTU unit system. You can easily select from 1 ton, 1.5 ton or a 2-ton inverter AC as per your room size, but you might get puzzled by the mention of BTU units.

Not to worry, we are here to clear up all your doubts about the BTU unit system. So, when you go out to find your perfect AC, you examine all factors that matter.

What is BTU?

We all know that air conditioning systems function by throwing out the hot air from your house and replacing it with cooler air. For an AC to work efficiently, you need to examine how much air needs to be circulated within the place. This is where BTU comes into the role.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it is the measurement of the amount of energy that your air conditioning system utilizes in an hour of heat removal from your place. It can help you determine the kind of AC that will fit well with the requirements of your house. With accurate knowledge about BTU, you will not end up buying the wrong AC according to the space where it needs to be used. Let’s take an example to understand it better.

Suppose you pick up a Daikin 12000 BTU inverter air conditioner. Now, every hour, this air conditioning system will be soaking up 12000 British Thermal Units of heat and throwing it outside to chill down the temperature within your house. The bigger the space, the more BTU AC needs.

Why BTU?

You might be thinking, why only the BTU unit system? A lot of people come up with the thought that the air conditioning industry could have used something simpler to understand. To answer this question, you must know that BTUs are not limited to this industry. It is a common unit system that is used across many appliances like furnaces, cooking devices, heat pumps, etc.

In a general sense, this unit is used worldwide to measure the heat required to change one degree Fahrenheit of one pound of water. As Daikin ACs are also used to alter the temperature of a place, the air conditioning industry has adapted this unit to understand the efficiency of the system.

BTU Measurement

Now that you know what BTU unit system is and why it is used for Daikin ACs, let’s move on to how these can help you find the perfect AC for your place.

As mentioned earlier, required BTUs are determined according to the size of your house or room. Generally, every square foot of space requires 20 BTUs. Hence, you can measure the size of your place in square feet and then multiply it by 20. One thing you must know here is that the calculation of BTUs might not be this simple. You will also have to look into the size of windows, doors, and the height of the ceiling of the room. If you do not want to get deep into the details or all this seems too confusing, you can get some help from Daikin experts. They will guide you through the best available options.

Other Measurements 

You can also calculate the tonnage of your AC using the British Thermal Units. A rough estimate is that 12000 BTUs convert to 1 ton AC units. So, if you pick a Daikin 2 ton inverter AC, you can expect a performance of 24000 BTUs per hour.

Not just this, you can also calculate other factors of your air conditioning system using the BTUs. In short, you can easily find the fittest Daikin AC for your requirements once you figure out the BTU system.

In conclusion,

we can say that BTUs are crucial for your AC selection process because the units can help you find an air conditioning system that is highly efficient in both performance and energy saving. However, this process should still start with exploring your unique air conditioning needs. You have to measure the space that needs to be cooled, decide what features you need, and how much energy-saving is required. Once you find the answer to all these questions, only then you can pick the best Daikin AC for your home or room.


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